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Baja Mexico: April 2007

  • My Trusty Steed
    My One Week Tour Around the Baja California, Mexico Peninsula

Belgium: June 2005

  • Pebbles on Blankenberge Beach on Atlantic Ocean
    Week in Brugge Near the Atlantic Coast

Belize: March 2004

  • Bottom
    Two Week Trip Around the Caribbean Country

Czech Republic: 2005

  • Prague Spring Monument
    Year Abroad Working in Prague

Czech Republic 2: 2005

  • Cesky Krumlov Downtown River
    Trips Around the Czech Republic

London, England: March 2008

  • Food: Fish N Chips 3
    Weekend Tour of the British Capital

New Zealand: October 2012

  • IMG_9109
    Outdoor Trip Around the Wild South Island

Turkey: November 2005

  • Marmara Sea Rainbow
    Travels Around Istanbul and Central Turkey

U.S. Cross Country Trip: June 2007

  • Corn, Corn, Corn Everywhere
    Five-Day Car Trip from San Francisco to Washington D.C.

Arizona, Mystery Castle: December 2012

  • IMG_9193
    Homage in the Desert to Daddy's Princess

Arizona, Tonto National Forest: December 2012

  • IMG_9270
    Fifth Largest U.S. National Forest Outside Phoenix

California, Albany Bulb: August 2010

  • Albany bulb 070
    Artwork at San Francisco Bay Park

California, Bodie: August 2011

  • Nevada 364
    Old 1800s Ghost Town in High Sierras

California, Calistoga Geyser: October 2010

  • Geyser 444
    Old Faithful in Napa Valley

California, Filoli: September 2010

  • Filoli 046
    Country Estate of The Bourn Family

California, Grass Valley: September 2010

  • Goldmine 012
    Home of The Empire Gold Mine

California, Joshua Tree Park: January 2006

  • Jt8
    Day Trip Around the Southern California Desert

California, Lake Tahoe: October 2006

  • Fallen Leaf Lake: Snowfall on Woods
    Weekend Spent Exploring South Lake Tahoe Wilderness

California, Mendocino County: November 2006

  • Mendocino Downtown: Blair House circa 1888
    One Day Tour Up the Northern California Coast

California, Mount Diablo: January 2012

  • Diablo 159
    Panoramic View of the Bay Area at 3,000 Feet

California, Muir Woods: April 2007

  • Giant Sequoia
    Walk Through the Famous Redwoods Park

California, Pacific Grove: December 2011

  • Butterfly 110
    Monarch Butterflies Wintering on Central California Coast Outside Monterey

California, Petrified Forest: October 2010

  • Geyser 426
    Calistoga Redwoods Turned to Rock from Volcanic Explosion Three Million Years Ago

California, Route One Coastal Drive: June 2007

  • Hearst Castle Dive
    Car Drives North and South Along the California Coast

California, Santa Cruz Boardwalk: March 2007

  • Revolution
    Walkabout of Central California Surfer Town

California, Solvang: April 2014

  • Solvang 336
    Town designed around Danish culture outside Santa Barbara

San Francisco, Chinatown: February 2007

  • Buddha Bar
    Tour through Bustling Asian Center

San Francisco, Diego Rivera Mural: November 2011

  • Diego 365
    Massive 1940 Mural Displayed at City College of San Francisco's Performing Arts Theater

San Francisco, Grand View Park: December 2011

  • Pacific Ocean View, West
    Amazing 360 View of Bay City's Beauty

San Francisco, Mission Dolores: March 2007

  • Exterior: Basilica Spire 2
    Old Mission First Founded in 1776

San Francisco, Mission Murals: September 2006

  • Cinqo de Mayo: Dancer 3
    Murals Reflecting Latino Culture on Buildings Up and Down 24th Street in the Mission District

San Francisco, Views: 2007

  • Mission: Street
    Views from the City by the Bay

Florida, Christmas: December 2007

  • Florida_2_143
    Warmer Climes in the Sunshine State

Florida, Lion Country Safari: May, December 2007

  • Zebras 3
    Drive-Through Zoo by the Everglades

Florida, West Palm Beach: May 2007

  • Bethesda by the Sea Church: Koi
    Beaches and Buildings

Georgia, Savannah: September 2013

  • Nc 105
    Georgia's Oldest City Draped with Spanish Moss

Kentucky, Abe Lincoln's Birthplace: August 2009

  • Kentucky 274
    Log Cabin Where Sixteenth President Was Born at Sinking Spring Farm in LaRue County

Kentucky, Cumberland Gap: August 2009

  • Kentucky 407
    Wilderness Where Travelers Went West

Kentucky, Diamond Caverns: August 2009

  • Kentucky 267
    Cavern in Park City outside Mammoth Cave National Park

Kentucky, Horse Park: August 2009

  • Kentucky 334
    All Things Horses Near Lexington

Kentucky, KFC Birthplace: August 2009

  • Kentucky 367
    Where Colonel Sanders Started His Chicken Empire in Corbin

Kentucky, Route 127 Garage Sale: August 2009

  • Kentucky 051
    Trash and Treasure on the Roadside

Kentucky, Woodford Reserve Bourbon: August 2009

  • Kentucky 354
    Historic Old Small Batch Distillery Near Versailles

Maryland, Butterfly Exhibit: August 2007

  • Butterflies_086
    Indoor Exhibit at Brookside Gardens

Maryland, Covered Bridges: August 2007

  • Frederick Cemetery 16
    Covered Bridges from the 1800s in Frederick County

Maryland, Dentzel Carousel: August 2008

  • Carasel 028
    Historic Ride at Glen Echo Park Dating from 1921

Maryland, Edgar Allan Poe: February 2008

  • No. 3 Amity Street
    Gravestone and Home of the Famous Poet in Baltimore

Maryland, Fitzgerald Grave: February 2009

  • Fscott 015
    Writer F. Scott Fitzgerald's Grave in Rockville

Maryland, Mormon Temple: May 2008

  • Mormon 018
    Homage to the Angel Moroni and Joseph Smith

Maryland, Renaissance Fair: September 2008

  • Renaissance 097
    1541 Festival in Crownsville


  • Nh 044
    My Home State

Massachusetts, Beach Shadows: September 2007

  • Gloucester_065
    Outlines on Plum Island Sand

Massachusetts, Old Graves: October 2007

  • Amesbury_ma_038
    Centuries of New England Families in North Andover

Massachusetts, Whalewatching: September 2007

  • Gloucester_126
    Humpback Whale Expedition off the Coast of Gloucester

Nevada, Virginia City: August 2011

  • Nevada 312
    Old Tourist Mining Town Outside Reno

New Hampshire, Autumn Leaves: October 2007

  • Ducks
    Colors of the Granite State

New Hampshire, Squam Lake: October 2008

  • Nh 137
    Golden Pond in the Granite State

New Hampshire, Strawberry Banke: October 2008

  • Nh 107
    Historic Portsmouth Village

New Hampshire, Surfers: October 2008

  • Nh 046
    Wave Riders at Hampton Beach

New Hampshire, Woods: October 2008

  • Nh2vt 049
    Franconia Notch Sites in the White Mountains

New York, Fort Ticonderoga: October 2008

  • Vt2 147
    1800s Fort on Lake Champlain

New York, New York City: April 2009

  • NewYork 394
    Two Day Tour around the Big Apple

New York, State Fair: September 2008

  • Syracuse University: Orange and Blue
    Annual Fair in Syracuse

North Carolina, Biltmore: September 2013

  • Sc 038
    Woodsy Estate of George Washington Vanderbilt Finished in1895

North Carolina, Kitty Hawk: May 2009

  • Northcarolina 143
    Site of Orville and Wilbur Wright's First Flight

Oregon, Crater Lake: August 2011

  • Nevada 232
    Volcano Explosion Turned Lake

Pennsylvania, Amish Country: July 2008

  • Amish0708 031
    Day Tour Around Lancaster County in the Keystone State

Pennsylvania, Gettysburg: May 2009

  • Gettysburg 132
    1863 Civil War Battle Site

Pennsylvania, Hershey: June 2009

  • Hershey 032
    The Chocolate Town Created by Milton Hershey

South Carolina, Beaufort: September 2013

  • Nc 112
    1711 Lowcountry Town on Port Royal Island

South Carolina, Boone: September 2013

  • Nc 187
    New Plantation House with Beautiful Old Oak Avenue

South Carolina, Drayton Hall: September 2013

  • Nc 155
    Untouched Plantation House near Charleston

South Carolina, Magnolia: September 2013

  • Nc 129
    Natural Garden and Former Rice Plantation outside Charleston

South Carolina, Rose Hill: September 2013

  • Nc 072
    Plantation Home of Cotton Farmer and Secession Governor William Henry Gist

Tennessee, Belle Meade Plantation: August 2009

  • Kentucky 214
    1800 Plantation South of Nashville

Tennessee, Country Music Hall of Fame: August 2009

  • Kentucky 170
    Nashville Homage to All Things Country Music

Tennessee, Graceland: March 2010

  • Graceland 203
    The King's Palace in Memphis

Tennessee, Great Smokies: September 2013

  • Nc 058
    Magnificent Mountain Range Dividing Tennessee and North Carolina

Tennessee, Hermitage: August 2009

  • Kentucky 241
    Home of Andrew Jackson, Seventh US President, Outside of Nashville

Tennessee, Ryman Auditorium: August 2009

  • Kentucky 194
    Grand Ole Opry Venue 1943-1974 in Downtown Nashville

Tennessee, Studio B: August 2009

  • Kentucky 142
    Famous 1960s Country Recording Studio in Nashville, Home of 1,000 Hits from Such Folk as Elvis Presley and Everly Brothers

Texas, Austin & San Antonio: October 2014

  • San Antonio Riverwalk
    Southern Cities in the Lone Star State

Vermont, Apple Picking: October 2008

  • Adams Apple Orchard
    Autumn Rite of Fruit Selection

Vermont, Burlington: October 2008

  • Vt2 056
    Largest City in the Green Mountain State

Vermont, Route 7: October 2008

  • Vermont Cows
    Burlington to Bennington

Virginia, Great Falls: October 2007

  • Falls_066
    Small Rapids on the Potomac River

Virginia, Jamestown: May 2009

  • Northcarolina 043
    First Permanent US Settlement circa 1607

Virginia, Lexington: August 2008

  • Stonewall Jackson's First Wife: Elinor Junkin
    Stonewall Jackson's Hometown

Virginia, Luray Caverns: July 2007

  • 091
    Deep in the Depths of Virginia Soil

Virginia, Manassas Battlefield: February 2009

  • Manassas 075
    Site of the Defining Civil War Skirmish

Virginia, Monticello: February 2009

  • Jefferson 043
    Home of Thomas Jefferson

Virginia, Mount Vernon: July 2007

  • Inauguration
    Home of the First President

Virginia, Natural Bridge: August 2008

  • Wva1 041
    One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World

Virginia, Natural Tunnel: August 2009

  • Kentucky 425
    Railroad Tunnel Made of Rock

Virginia, Pentagon Memorial: September 2008

  • Pentagon 044
    Statuary Remembering 9/11 Victims

Virginia, Skyline Drive: October 2007

  • East 4
    Autumn in the Appalachians

Virginia, Virginia Beach: May 2009

  • Northcarolina 089
    Party Beach Town on Southeastern Coast

Washington D.C., Artists: September 2008

  • Gregory Ferrand
    Local Young Painters Who Rock

Washington D.C., Basilica Shrine: July 2008

  • Outside
    Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception near Catholic University

Washington D.C., Cherry Trees: April 2008

  • Cherries_073
    Annual Blossoming on the Mall

Washington D.C., Crime Museum: September 2008

  • Crime 099
    John Walsh's Ode to Taking Down Criminals

Washington D.C., Independence Day: July 2007

  • Iwo Jima Memorial
    Fireworks Over the Mall from Arlington, Virginia

Washington D.C., Lincoln Home: February 2009

  • Lincoln 017
    Summer House of the 16th US President

Washington D.C., National Galleries: August 2007

  • Museum_130
    Paintings of Faces Through the Ages

Washington D.C., Rock Creek Cemetery: July 2008

  • Food 012
    Statues in St. Paul's Episcopal Church Cemetery

Washington D.C., St. Matt Cathedral: January 2008

  • Cathedral_125
    1939 Catholic Cathedral in Downtown DC

Washington D.C., Winter: December 2008

  • Rockcreekpark 033
    Water in Rock Creek Park

Washington, Mount St. Helens: May 2016

  • IMG_0935
    Old Volcano in Southern Evergreen State

Washington, Seattle: December 2006

  • Seattle's Puget Sound in Rain
    One Day Tour of the Washington State City

West Virginia, Harpers Ferry: February 2008

  • View of Harpers Ferry from Nearby Hill
    Historic Town at the Confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers

West Virginia, Midland Trail: August 2008

  • Farm
    Weekend on Scenic US Highway 60

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